Large construction in Warmenhuizen

17 June 2020

In collaboration with BAVU-betonwerken and Anton Bouw & Betontechniek, we are working on a large, 3-layer construction in Warmenhuizen.

The parking basement, which runs partly under the existing house, was realized by BAVU and Anton Bouw & Betontechniek. At the moment Hoogendijk Bouw is still busy with the construction and the facade cladding. The client takes care of the roofing of solar panels.

Activities by Hoogendijk Bouw:

  • Hollow core slabs on the ground and first floors
  • Brick interior cellar walls
  • Sand-lime brick interior walls ground floor and first floor
  • Roof of sandwich plates on purlins
  • Install wooden frames
  • IsoBouw Facade insulation for wooden facade cladding (without thermal bridges as with traditional HSB partition walls)
  • Wooden awning at the front
  • Red Cedar cladding and fascias (untreated)
  • Roofing and zinc work
  • Cement screeds


Hoogendijk Bouw will finish its work at the end of June.