Farmhouse with barn in Heemskerk

9 June 2020

Hoogendijk Bouw started at the end of March with the superstructure of a white bell farm in Heemskerk. Hoogendijk Bouw is also building a new barn in collaboration with Anton Constructiewerken.

Monument “Witte stolpboerderij”

The farmhouse in Heemskerk is a municipal monument and is therefore rebuilt in the same style. We use new materials, but the shape and characteristic colors (white facades and red tiles) are completely reduced.

Behind the new bell-jar a new modern barn will be built with a glass corridor in between.

The farmhouse is traditionally built by means of masonry interior walls, prefab floors and a wooden roof construction. On the outside, it will have almost the same appearance as the original bell jar, only with maintenance-free aluminum frames.

Residential shed

The residential barn is equipped with a main supporting construction of steel. This construction was made by Anton Constructiewerken. The sample will partly remain in view. A steel main supporting structure was chosen here because of the large voids in the house itself. Due to the voids, it is not possible to construct the residential barn according to the traditional construction method.

On the outside, the house is fully equipped with an open wooden wall cladding that will run from the facade over the roof. At the rear, one roof surface will be fully equipped with solar panels. Aluminum frames are also used in the house shed and the end walls have full aluminum curtain walls.

The house has a full basement. The basement was already completed in 2018 by a contracting company from Ursem. Hoogendijk Bouw resumes work from the ground floor.

Cooperation with other operating companies Anton Groep

Hoogendijk Bouw is part of the Anton Group. Various operating companies of the Anton Group have joined forces for this major project. For example, Harder Constructie- & Adviesbureau has drawn and calculated the construction of the house shed. Anton Constructiewerken has placed the steel construction of the house shed.