Double extension in Amsterdam

28 April 2020

At the beginning of this year, we realized a double extension at Wijttenbachstraat in Amsterdam in collaboration with Anton Constructiewerken.

The foundation and concrete floor have already been realized during the foundation repair a few years ago.

The two extensions are almost identical, only the type of frame differs. For example, one has open doors and the other one has sliding doors.

Double extension work

  • Strut/demolition work on the existing rear facade
  • Steel portal for the relief of the rear facade by Anton Constructiewerken
  • Removal of existing balconies
  • Steel portal for collecting balcony construction, including balustrade by Anton Constructiewerken
  • HSB walls made and assembled prefab by Hoogendijk Bouw
  • Wooden exterior frames
  • Flat roof with EPDM roofing
  • Installation work (E + W + CV)
  • Cement screed
  • Finishing by plaster on the inside (clients have outsourced plastering and painting work themselves)
  • Sliding wall to make two spaces of the extension
  • Open wooden facade cladding made fraké
  • Side panels white exterior plating

Challenge realizing expansion

The challenge for this project was mainly in the accessibility and supply of materials. All materials were supplied/removed by means of a large tower crane on the street, so the street was closed for several half days to get the materials behind the house.