Annex Blancefloorstraat Amsterdam

12 December 2019

Hoogendijk Bouw delivered the construction of a house in Amsterdam last month. To shorten the construction time on site, in the middle of a residential area, we have prepared the timber frame of the extension in our workshop. Special about this project is the large skylight. The ceiling of the extension is slanted towards the skylight to ensure optimum light.

The realization of the extension

For this project we have taken care of the piling, the foundation and the floor. We then prepared the timber frame of the walls in our workshop and placed it on site. After that the wooden frames were set and we took care of the brickwork of the outer leaf, the outside of the facade. The roof was glued with EPDM, after which the glass could be placed in the skylight. Inside we installed a sand cement floor and prepared the walls and ceiling for the plasterer. Our client has chosen to do the installation work and the finishing in-house by himself. Of course we would have done that with all our love!

An extension to a home always gives a lot of extra space. It immediately ensures a higher value of the home. By using a skylight, we have also ensured that the house has maximum light incidence in this project. Rightly an increase in the enjoyment of living.